Lukas Cutters

Cutter S 700 E2
The true standard for cutters

S 312 E2
The new standard in the battery-powered compact class.

Cutter S 700
The Alpha Cutter

Cutter S 511
Cut with maximum force

Cutter S 510
The established all-rounder.
The previous model was already unmatched, but now the
S 700 E2 is raising the bar even higher. This cutter is at the top of its class, 10% lighter and with newly designed blades for maximum strength and improved handling.

The new eDRAULIC cutter S 312 E2 is easy to hold thanks to a weight of less than 20 kg (incl. battery!), yet makes a notable impression. The reason: Blade opening width, cutting force and cutting performance for round material have been further optimised

The S 700 is a completely new development, based on years of research. In the relevant working area, its cutting force markedly outperforms all previous LUKAS cutters. This innovative and superior cutter gives you maximum power reserves.

The S 511 is our most powerful cutter and applies maximum force to the blades. This is particularly important if you have to cut solid B columns or materials made of high-tensile or ultra-high-tensile steel.
With the S 510 you can cut current vehicle-sections very reliable. It has a very well-balanced relationship between long cut, optimal pull effect, force and weight. Numerous firebrigades around the world already value this fully developed cutter in practice

S 530
The cutter that opens widest

S 312
The new standard in the compact class.

S 330
Wide-opening lightweight cutter.

S 120
Mini-cutter for use in tight spaces

You are in the right place if you need the widest opening. By combining a very wide opening and very long, straight blades, the S 530 cutter is the right tool to cut rescue openings or access holes.


Ideal for working on cars and trucks involved in accidents: the exceptionally compact S 312. It is the first rescue cutter to be certified according to the new DIN standard EN 13204: 2016 and easily achieved the top cutting class I! This makes the S 312 the new top model among the range of lightweight cutters on the market, guaranteeing even more successful rescue operations.
High cutting force, wide opening and long blades are the great advantages of the S 330. Its performance is always masterful, e.g. when used by factory fire brigades or across the entire field of technical assistance when emergencies occur.


Handy mini-cutter with the highest cutting force in its class. It is particularly suitable for rescue work in tight spaces. For example to remove pedals, steering wheels or headrests.


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