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"F"5000, "F"3000, "F"2000, "F"1500, "F"1000, "F"1000 (collapsible), "F"800, "FPG"900

INFO: On request custom-made SEMAT and options are delivered.
Types & sizes

SEMAT Family
SEMATs are available from 550 up to 10.000 ltr


F:     for Fluid media and gel basedon polymers
FPG: for Fluid, dry Pulverized and Granulates media ( like oil absorber)
Taking water from a lake (Bell UH1D - SEMAT FPG 900)
Dump (PUMA - SEMAT "F"5000)
Release of oil absorber (SEMAT"FPG"900)
CH53 - SEMAT"F"5000 - Dump mode 5000 ltr in 3 seconds
Bell UH1D - SEMAT"F"900 Spray mode  20 m x 1,0 km length
Release of water-polymer gel (SEMAT "FPG"900)

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