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Monitors are used when faced with substantial Class B fire risks that require protection with fire fighting foam or cooling with large volumes of water.
Most industrial fire hazards will have the need for monitor protection. Some of the more common applications are:
• Refineries
• Fuel distribution depots
• Chemical plants
• Warehouses
• Helicopter landing pads
• Aircraft hangars
• Loading jetties
• Shipping

Fixed or Portable?

Many monitors are permanently fixed to pipework and designed to protect specific high risk installations. However, it is sometimes more convenient to either mount monitors on trailers that can be moved from hazard to hazard, or use smaller Ground or Bipod monitors that are designed to be moved by hand and placed on the ground to provide a rapid response in the event of a fire. The choice depends on the size and type of risk and the application rate recommended to achieve extinguishment.

Portable Ground Monitor
Bipad Foam Monitors
1. LMS30 Datasheet 2. LMS60 Datasheet
3. LMS80 Datasheet 4.GMS30 Datasheet
5. GMS45 Datasheet 6. GMS60 Datasheet
7. GMS80 Datasheet 8. GMS200 Datasheet
9. GMS300 Datasheet 10.RHMS60 Datasheet
11.RHMS80 Datasheet 12.RHMS200 Datasheet
13.RHMS300 Datasheet 14.RHEMS60 Datasheet
15.RHEMS80 Datasheet 16.RHEMS200 Datasheet
17.RHEMS300 Datasheet  
1. FJ/FJH Range Datasheet 2. LTN Nozzles Datasheet
3. FJC2000 Datasheet 4. FJ/FJH 1300 Datasheet
5. FJ/FJH 2000 Datasheet 6. FJ/FJH 2800 Datasheet
7. FJ/FJH 4000 Datasheet 8. FJ/FJH 5000 Datasheet
9. FJ/FJH 9000 Datasheet 10.FJ/FJH 8500 Datasheet
11.FJ/FJH 16000 Datasheet 12.FJH 16250-50000 Datasheet
13.FJS/FJHS 1300 Datasheet 14.FJS/FJHS 2000 Datasheet
15.FJS/FJHS 2850 Datasheet 16.FJS/FJHS 4000 Datasheet
17.FC 800 Datasheet 18.Foam Spreaders Datasheet
19.Remote Control Panels for Electric Monitor 20.Remote Control Panels for Hydraulic Monitor
21.Remote Control Panels for ElectroHydraulic Monitor 22.Water Cannon Datasheet

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