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Angus Fire offers one of the most comprehensive selection of portable fire extinguishers available. The range includes Heavy Duty and Light Duty extinguishers which are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, marine, petrochemical and also commercial applications.
Ideal for use in the harshest environments, these premium range of extinguishers include gas cartridge and stored pressure operated models, all approved to the European Standard EN3 and BSI Kitemark.

Both ranges are available in Marine Paint finish making them ideal for use Offshore or in Costal environments. Ergonomic design includes wide neck rings for easy servicing and maintenance, and high visibility colour-coded zones for instant type identification.

1. Water 9 Litre 7. 9kg ABC Powder Extinguisher
2. Alcoseal Foam 9 Litre 8. 12kg ABC Powder Extinguisher
3. Tridol Foam Spray 6 Litre 9. 6kg BC Powder Extinguisher
4. Tridol Foam Spray 9 Litre 10. 9kg BC Powder Extinguisher
5. 4kg ABC Powder Extinguisher 11.12kg BCPowder Extinguisher
6. 6kg ABC Powder Extinguisher 12. 9kg Monnex Extinguisher
The Tartan extinguishers are all stored pressure type and include powder, water, foam and CO2 models to suit all applications and fire risks. The stylish design employing all-metal headcaps makes them suitable for a range of environments. All models are Kitemarked to BS:EN 3 for quality and reliability and are backed by the technical expertise and after sales service. They are ideal for use in light industries and commercial premises.  The Data sheets provide details of the various capacities available and their respective EN3 fire rating.

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